Business courses for the Vietnam Chamber of
Commerce and Industry

The VCCI approached major international academic and training
institutions that offered face to face teaching.  The resulting offers  did
not meet Vietnamese needs because they were  too expensive and/or
could not be scaled up to meet the huge demand. Instead the VCCI
chose to work with a team comprising  
Lan Dang, Le Anh Vu and Ravi
Corea  together with other World Bank colleagues (Linh Nguyen and
Eiko Wataya) to facilitate the development and delivery of Video
Conference and web based training business courses for Vietnamese
Le, Lan and Ravi adopted an approach for meeting VCCI needs which
reflects the core values that underpin Link Asea's consulting practice.
These were: that every  institution and participant in the training
program has a role to play and brings with them essential knowledge
that must be acknowledged and respected by all;  that knowledge is
best developed and disseminated through a process that integrates
strong partnerships,  transparent business processes; information and
communication technology, instructional design and subject excellence
that is   fully understood and supported by all parties participating in
the program.
The resulting “blended learning”  program involved web based
information sharing and discussion, video conferencing, local program
facilitators, written documents, a virtual knowledge library and a strong
feedback loop based on hard monitoring and evaluation data.  The
program is a great success and has generated demand for many more

Professional learning content is provided by the Australian National
University with additional courses being developed in collaboration with
ChuSanRen, Tokyo (
html) – a Japanese industrial association. The approach has proved so
successful that similar programs are being developed for Indonesia and
Mongolia, to be delivered in early 2009.

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