Our Values

Link Asea is committed to providing the best possible quality of service
to our clients by:
  • Strictly adhering to the highest professional ethical standards
    and full transparency in dealings with clients.

  • Incorporating innovative, cost effective strategies in the planning
    and implementation of services provided to clients including the
    development of creative partnerships and the use of cutting
    edge information and communications technologies

  • Demonstrating respect for individuals and cultures from all
    countries, including a belief that every individual and every
    organization can contribute to knowledge.

  • Treasuring the environment and always looking for ways in
    which to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
Link Asea

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About Us

Link Asea was founded in 2008 by a group of highly experienced
management and technology professionals with shared values and a
passion for ICT-based innovation.

Our primary focus is to assist clients achieve Continuous Improvement
in business performance, through:

  • Strategic integration of ICTs, including Web 2.0 technologies,
    within core business processes

  • Building institutional learning and capability development

  • Strategic planning and business process re-engineering.

Through a combination of
in-house skills, an international network of
associates and strategic, long-term partnerships, Link Asea offers a
suite of services that include Consulting, Training, Systems Design and
Development, Implementation including Change Management, and
Project Management.

Our service delivery model, which exploits Web and video-conferencing
tools to the maximum, is a key part of our value proposition and allows
us to provide services virtually anywhere, at the least possible cost to
the client and to the environment.
Ravi Corea
Le Anh Vu