Ivia was born in Puerto Rico and has ten years experience working with
non-governmental organizations and multilateral agencies managing
and implementing economic development, environmental and ICT
projects in Latin America, Asia and the Pacific.   Her work includes
organizational and capacity development activities, micro and small
enterprise development, conservation enterprise development, micro-
finance, and business development services.

Following her MBA studies, Ivia worked for Conservation International
and gained an understanding of service delivery in remote areas and
within a variety of cultural backgrounds. Later on she provided key
technical input to an innovative micro-finance project for Indigenous
Australians living in urban areas in Sydney.  Most recently, as the World
Bank’s Capacity Building Officer for the newly created Global
Development Learning Network Asia Pacific Foundation, she has played
a key role in building management processes  in order to enhance
capacity and quality and standards. She currently holds a Short Term
Consultant position with the World Bank, based in Bangkok.

Ivia has excellent team building and interpersonal skills and is highly
valued by clients for her ability to build partnerships and engender
team cohesion whilst staying focused on ensuring the project tasks are
fully met.  She speaks fluent Spanish and English, and has a good
working knowledge of Portuguese.

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Ivia Martinez
Consultant - Partnerships and Business Planning