Le Anh Vu
Senior Adviser

Le Vu was born in Vietnam and educated in Australia.  Following
graduation Le worked briefly for the Australian Post Master General
then returned to Vietnam and worked as Director of Logistics at the
Vietnam Telecommunications Authority.  When Saigon fell Le went to
America where he found refuge and commenced work as the Computer
Manager for Boeing Computer Services.

Later Le joined the World Bank where he was given responsibility for
designing, implementing and managing the World Bank’s Global
Communications Network in support of World Bank's business activities
at Headquarters and around the world.  Once the network was fully
operational Le led the technical team that identified opportunity to
improve business process with the aid of Global Development Learning
Network that enabled the World Bank to become the “Knowledge Bank”.

Le was an Australian funded Colombo Plan Scholar, he has a B.E from
the University of Western Australia, an MS from the University of
Melbourne and completed an Executive Development Program at
Harvard University. Le has over 35 years of working experiences in ICT
including Global Communications services, regulatory and policy in
developing countries
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