Peter McCawley thinks the most important economic problem facing the
world is mass poverty.  He has spent much of his career as an
economist working on the issue.  This commitment to economic
development together with his deep interest in Asia  underpins the
close working relationship Peter has developed with the Link Asea team
and to his recent appointment as a Senior Associate.

Peter has had a broad range of senior roles in development agencies,
ministerial offices and universities in Australia and Asia.  He began his
professional work in Indonesia as an economics lecturer at Gadjah
Mada University in Yogyakarta and later returned to Australia to work
Treasurer.  Peter was appointed a Deputy Director General for AusAID
and, during the time he occupied that position, took four years leave of
absence to act as Australia's Executive Director at the Asian
Development Bank (ADB).  After leaving AusAID Peter  undertook a
number of senior consultancies including with the World Bank before
moving to Japan to occupy the Vice Presidential level position within the
ADB as Dean of the Asian Development Bank Institute.  After four years
in that role Peter returned to Australia as a Visiting Fellow in the
Indonesia Project, Arndt-Corden Division of Economics, at the   ANU.   

Peter has a B. Econ (Hons) from Queensland University and a PhD
(Econ) from the ANU.  He is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia.

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Peter McCawley
Senior Associate