We offer a comprehensive set of Training,
    Consulting, and Project Management services in our
    specialist areas.

    Information & Communications Technologies
    Design, development and Implementation of Information
    Systems, Communications networks, including video, voice and
    data services, and global fibre and satellite based networks for
    multi-national organisations, ICT Management structures and

    Institutional Capability Development
    Training and capacity needs analysis; design of training
    programmes; comprehensive capability development strategies,
    including analysis and planning of skills, organisational capacity,
    associated business processes needs and sustainability;
    Applications of Web 2.0, video-conferencing and e-learning in
    tailored blended learning solutions.

    Knowledge Management
    Sustainable knowledge management strategies, aligned with
    core business strategies, based on innovative applications of
    Web,  video-conferencing and multi-media ICT technologies;
    integration with core business processes; design and
    implementation of supporting systems and organisational

    Continuous improvement
    Continuous improvement based on institutional learning and
    knowledge management; business process re-engineering;
    applications of emerging ICT applications.

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