in the World Bank. He started his career as a management trainee with
including senior positions in consultancy, in AusAID and, most recently,
a large Australian textile manufacturing company before training as a
teacher and working in the Victorian TAFE system. Later he returned to
university to study Indonesian and after being appointed as an adviser
on an Indonesian education project moved to Lombok as team leader
of a major AusAID funded water supply and health project. On return to
Australia he worked in consultancy and later joined AusAID as a
Director and later as an Assistant Director General.
Colin worked for the World Bank for a total of 7 years, initially as
Knowledge Initiatives Adviser to the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region.
Later, as Operations Manager for the Tokyo Development Learning
Center and finally as Global Development Learning Coordinator (GDLN)
for EAP. He was responsible for setting up and overseeing a period of
very significant growth and innovation in the GDLN, highlighted by the
World Bank itself adopting it as a strategic tool.

Colin holds a B.App.Sc from the Gordon Institute of technology; a BA
from Melbourne University and a Diploma of Education from Hawthorn
Institute of Education.

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