Submission to the parliament of New South Wales
Colin Lonergan and Ravi Corea - 23 Jan 2009

The State government of New South Wales is conducting an inquiry
into their procurement processes, to assess whether they promote the
environmental policies of the government adequately and whether
improvements are possible. LinkAsea submitted a paper outlining how a
carefully designed Knowledge Management approach combined with
subtle changes to tender specifications could improve their
performance substantially, and at little cost, by harnessing the
knowledge of the private sector, academics, community groups and
government agencies.
Link Asea
Realising Innovation
Innovation lies at the heart of Link Asea's value proposition to clients.
Realising innovation requires not only a fertile environment to generate
ideas, but also the ability to take them to practical implementation.
This calls for a great deal more than just technology or a management
decision: there is an interconnected web of systems, processes,
training, incentives and change management that must be considered.

Here are a few of our ideas..

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Exploiting Wiki technology for Dissemination and Consultation
Ravi Corea - 2 Dec 2009

Most people today are familiar with the Wikipedia and with blogs, and
some post comments too, but the potential of the Wiki technology
goes well beyond this. Wiki's allow users (subject to a moderation
policy that may range from fully open to tightly controlled) to submit,
modify or comment on multi-media content on a web page. We
propose two related areas where immediate gains could be obtained
without a great financial outlay.
1) Research publications: Even though most publications are now
posted on-line, they are usually in PDF format - a reproduction of the
paper document. But if the same document were published as a Wiki
page, the references could lead directly from the text to the source
and the bibliography would do likewise. Instead of a "paper" the same
material would now become a valuable part of an interlinked,
authoritative web of knowledge; easily referred, easily verified. Most
important - it would provide an excellent platform for peer review and

2) Consultation: Governments, International Agencies, Councils - they
all espouse "extensive consultation" as the basis of transparency and
community ownership. But this is nearly always an expensive,
controlled process where only a few have the opportunity to
participate. A Wiki format could result in a genuine consultation where
stakeholders could shape the outcome.
Organisational Learning as a Management Tool
Colin Lonergan - 14 Jul 2010

"Learning organisations" and "knowledge management" have long been
part of the Management jargon, but they are often poorly understood
and viewed as esoteric, nice-to-haves rather than essential tools.
Today, in an increasingly dynamic environment, mitigating risk as well
as exploiting opportunity, depends on being agile and responsive. We
argue that uniformly up to date knowledge and skills in the workforce
is a key factor, and using the available technologies (such as Web 2.0,
Learning Management Systems, and video-conferencing) appropriately
to create a learning environment can deliver real benefits.