Ravis experience includes several years as an academic followed by a
move to the private sector and later to a role within an International
Development context. He grew up in Sri Lanka and after his degree in
Electrical & Electronic Engineering, he proceeded to the UK for post-
graduate study as a President’s Scholar. There he studied Computer
Science and specialized in the applications of Artificial Intelligence in
Industrial Control systems. After a period of post-doctoral research, he
returned to Sri Lanka as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the
University of Peradeniya.

He made the transition to the private sector in 1996, joining
PricewaterhouseCoopers (then Price Waterhouse) as it established a
new IT consulting business in Sri Lanka, and rose rapidly to Director. He
was credited with growing the company from just 5 staff in 1996 to
more than 40 over 5 years. Ravi became a consultant to the World Bank
in 2003, advising the East Asia and Pacific region on a viable business
strategy for the Bank’s Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) in
the region. He took on a full-time consulting role as Senior Business
Adviser for the GDLN, along with a move to Australia, in 2005 and was
responsible for developing business strategies that set the GDLN in the
Asia Pacific on a path to sustainability and growth.

Ravi holds a First Class Honours degree in Electrical and Electronic
Engineering from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka; a Diploma in
Computer Science from the University of Cambridge UK; and a PhD in
Engineering from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne UK.

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