Broadband Growth and Policies in OECD Countries
OECD Publication - 2008

A comprehensive analysis of Broadband growth, policies and effects in
OECD countries. It is based on the premise that broadband
connectivity has a fundamental impact on the competitiveness of
these countries. The report and a number of more recent articles are
interesting in the context of the current debate in Australia, because
many of the current arguments (excuses?) are examined, based on
quantitative analysis. For example, that geographic dispersion of the
population (often presented as a "unique challenge" for Australia) is
shown to be quite uncorrelated to broadband penetration (Canada has
one of the highest penetration rates).
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A set of selected knowledge sources
The National Broadband Network has been the topic of conversation
since 2007. A tender was floated, Telstra tried to flex its muscle with
a show of contempt for the process and was, quite rightly, eliminated.
evidence of Telstra's actual clout? Now, even though the NBN Co has
been set up and pilot implementation is under way, the NBN is a key
point of difference between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbot in the 2010
Australian Federal elections.

The issue is critical. The decisions made now and the quality of
implementation that follows, will have a huge impact on the shape of
the Australian economy and society for years to come. The debate on
how best to set about it, what roles the government, regulators and
the market should play, and the policy framework that must underly it,
is therefore an important one.

These are a few interesting resources and opinions on the topic..

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Economic Aspects of Broadband
Prof. Joshua Gans, University of Melbourne. March 2008

Prof. Gans examines expectations and current reality and raises the
question of where public funds are best invested- in the
infrastructure? or the applications? "Don't subsidize bricks to get
people to build hospitals".
ZDNet Australia - Hot Topics: NBN - continuing updates and articles on the NBN

ZDNet, the popular ICT web site has a tab devoted to the NBN. This
has a great collection of current developments and views on the NBN,
with regular updates.
OECD Broadband Portal
The OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry Runs this
Portal  - a useful source of broadband data and the current policies of
OECD governments