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Case Studies
    We advised the World Bank
    and Japan Ministry of
    Finance on how to use its
    Tokyo based video
    conference and web tools
    studio to integrate other
    countries in major policy
    launches. We also
    managed the transition of
    and significantly improved
    course access, pass rates
    and the number of
participants of a face-to-face micro-finance train the trainer course to
one that was video conference and web based.  We also set-up a
community of practice for video conference studio technicians from
throughout Asia who wanted to learn from each other about solutions
to the problems they faced.  

In Vietnam, we assisted the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and
Industry, who wished to access the best current knowledge on behalf
of their members, develop and conduct a series of courses and
seminars using video conferencing, the Moodle Learning Management
System and local facilitation. They were thus able to access course
material from Australia National University supplemented by the
industry experience of senior Australian executives, quickly, at low cost
and in the context of their regular work.

The World Bank
    The World Bank contracted us to
    assist with a piece of research
    into the problems of youth in the
    Pacific. This was undertaken in
    collaboration with the Crawford
    School of the Australian National
    University, and also presented at
    a recent conference. With Link
    Asea's assistance, the World
Bank has now progressed to experimenting with the use of Web 2.0
tools such as Wiki's to disseminate the research, which has to date
been published as conventional documents, and to use these tools to
facilitate broader engagement, discussion and consultation among

Conference program and paper

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