Tokyo Development Learning Centre

With generous funding (US$25m over 5 years), the project was
designed to provide a substantial boost to the GDLN in the East Asia
Pacific region. A cutting-edge facility in Tokyo together with a strong
capacity building program in the region and content and partnership
development in Japan were key components. A key outcome of the
capacity building efforts was the emergence of a new regional
organization, GDLN Asia Pacific.

Colin Lonergan facilitated the negotiation of the Knowledge Partnership
between the World Bank and the Government of Japan which resulted
in the creation of the Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) and a
set of activities designed to raise the performance of the GDLN in the
East Asia and Pacific region. He prepared the design documentation,
recruited staff and oversaw the establishment and running of the
project for two years.

Ravi Corea oversaw the preparation of business plans for the TDLC
project and developed the strategy now in place to ensure the TDLC as
well as the regional GDLN becomes financially sustainable. He facilitated
the design of a new network organization and business processes to
ensure a truly cohesive regional network -
GDLN Asia Pacific and guided

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