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ASEAN Knowledge Network

    ASEAN has contracted Link
    Asea to prepare the
    design, implementation
    plan and management
    structure for a video
    conference system within
    the ASEAN secretariat that
    would allow the Secretary
    General and senior ASEAN
    staff connect to think
    tanks, community groups,
donors and academic institutions using Internet based communication
technologies. This will allow ASEAN to reduce travel costs, increase
outreach and make a positive contribution to the environment by
reducing green house gas emissions.

Tokyo Development Learning Centre

    A Knowledge Partnership
    between the World Bank
    and the Government of
    Japan which was
    established in 2003. The
    project catalyzed an
    exponential growth of the
    GDLN in Asia and also
    helped develop, test and
    establish a range of
    business practices and
    blended learning
techniques that are now accepted as best practice.  LinkaAsea team
members played central roles, from facilitation of early negotiations,
through project management, to program and partnership development.

Coordination and support of over 200 ICT-based learning centres in
the Asian region
    Coordination and support for business and rapid
    expansion of the Global Development Learning Network
    (GDLN) in the East Asia and Pacific Region (EAP) was led by
    a World Bank team that now comprises the senior
    management of LinkAsea. A truly multi disciplinary team,
    they succeeded in integrating their expertise in
management, partnership development, business acumen and technical
architecture design to develop the regional network from a mere 11
centres in 2003 to more than 200 (including national sub-networks)

During this period, this network pioneered in developing, testing and
adopting the core concepts of knowledge management and capacity
development based on respectful partnerships, ICTs and purpose
designed organizational structures and learning methods upon which
LinkAsea services are based.

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